translated from Spanish: Isabel Allende reacts to the pinericosa of the President in China: «would slip or poorly advised?»

Today Sebastián Piñera took one of its first activities in his tour of China: a meeting with his Chinese counterpart, Xi Jinping, meeting in which was signed a plan of action with which both Nations seek to boost bilateral ties.
It was not what most stressed the meeting, but that something that it is the house specialty: a «pinericosa». In this case, an international, since the Chilean President expressed his appreciation for the level of the relationship between Chile and the giant Asian country, and recalled that «during the Government of Eduardo Frei Montalva, whose son is here, the relationships were initiated with» China’ and these are precisely deepened during the Presidency of Frei Ruiz-Tagle. However, it is a completely wrong statement, and that during the term of Frei Montalva, formal diplomatic relations were only with Taiwan. The shift in relations Chile – China materialized on December 15, 1970, two months that Salvador Allende took over as President of the Republic of Chile.
That was what recalled the Salvador Allende Foundation on his Twitter account. There they pointed out that «it was the President Salvador Allende who turned Chile into the 1st South American country to recognize the mainland Chinese Government».
The same expressed Isabel Allende Bussi, who also wondered: «I wonder if it was lapse of President Piñera or it was poorly advised?».

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