translated from Spanish: Joystick presents his new album «Angry spirits» and dreaming fill Niceto

Just two weeks 5 members of Joystick moved to Capital Federal, leaving their natal Chabas behind. It is not the first time pisan Buenos Aires soil in order to stay, but is now final and it seems that Villa Devoto feel well.» «Businesses close to the 1 pm and reopen at 5 o’clock, as is the people», has Filo.News Francisco «Pano» Benincasa, vocalist and songwriter of the band. This April released their second album, «Angry spirits» and as the show in which they are going to present, they chatted with this mean about his past, present and future.

This boyband of rock / pop emerged in the mentioned town of Santa Fe in 2012 when its members were only 14 years old and already toured scenarios of the stature of the Lollapalooza at the Hipódromo de San Isidro and the unique Stadium of silver, opening for U2. They made the leap thanks to his appearance on the program «Country Rock», led by Bebe Contepomi journalist.» It was the first year we came to Buenos Aires to show us to the big city, with a variety of people. We came to Rock the country and had many bands, many artists. We had had no contact with one thing as well. Touch that we arrived we saw the baby Contepomi, jurors, Marcelo Moura, Hilda Larazu, Juanse; they were turning out there. It was the first contact with musicians, with famous people, so it was crazy. And also everything that came after,»says Pano.Y the madness that ensued was nothing more or nothing less that record their first single»Back to the beginning»in the Romaphonic studies and, then, to sign contract with Sony Music.
«Between the recording of the first and the second disc changed everything, most of all by the impact at the age: in the first case we were 17 years old and now we have 21.» Even though it was not so long, from the 17 to the 21 one changes a lot. All that drag musical tastes, the wishes of each, where be, what everyone wants to be»says the frontman of Joystick, whom many find similarities with Alex Turner of Arctic Monkeys.Y, on that change, adds:»when we recorded the first disk had a re good, was all new, had been living a month in Buenos Aires to record it in Almagro, met Gabi Pedernera (Eruca Sativa drummer and producer of his first job). «For this second disc, it was another thing: us much more adult, more sure of what we wanted, we take the time to think and to talk well to where it wanted to go, we were much more involved».

The LP is composed of 10 tracks – which «Burlesque» is the spoiled girl – and takes the production of Germán Wiedemer, pianist who worked with the paranoid mice and Andrés Calamaro.»‘ Angry spirits ‘ you come for an interest and desire to always show that the band is a rock band, powerful, full of energy. «That’s what we wanted to express in the disk and very much relate it to the live show, we try to let that energy and power in every thing we do», explains cloth.

The cover of «Angry spirits» is the work of Valentina Peluffo | Photo: Courtesy press

The album cover is the work of Valentina Peluffo and reflects «a spirit of rebellion, of power and force; medium ignite all, exploit the head». In addition to the ambition to make a feat Zoe Gotusso, Marilina Bertoldi and Eruca Sativa, Joystick also dreaming to fill Niceto in the near future. Judging by the career that they have done, everything indicates which are on the right track to meet that goal.

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