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Puruándiro, Michoacán-being the municipal infrastructure a fundamental part for the development of Puruandiro, City Hall authorities, headed by the municipal President, Belinda Iturbide Díaz inaugurated the public work of the bridge in the tenure of Manuel Villalongín.
This newly opened project was one of the priorities of the inhabitants of the holding, since in rainy season, there is a passage so that pedestrians can circulate through the area safely.
The Mayor stressed that this work was a priority by inhabitants of tenure: “this bridge had requested it from long ago, could now do it reality, thank to the Council authorizing this work”.
Belinda Iturbide, stressed that this work is a part of various projects to be carried out in the holding of Manuel Villalongín, “have it, we are to order and we will continue working hand in hand with you to meet their needs”, said the Mayor.
Meanwhile, the tenure of Manuel Villalongín, Víctor Hugo Díaz, Chief stressed the willingness of the municipal government to bring forward this project that the neighbors were asking long ago, “thank you, we will serve much of this building,” previously residents requested it and not made them good, now already have it, people are very happy and we want to thank Dr. Belinda to meet this request.”

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