translated from Spanish: Most of brunette removes the Tourism Board

Between the prosecution of opponents that the federal Government dismantles institutions, the Chamber of Deputies endorsed with 290 votes for, 162 against, and one abstention the opinion to unsubscribe from the Tourism Board of Mexico (CPTM), as a company of State shareholding, and order its dissolution and liquidation.
A banner with the caption “don’t get geese with the tourism promotion!”, exhibited by the PRD, the opposition criticized the federal Government, blaming dismantle institutions that have served and that helped that Mexico has been placed as the sixth fate of the world, generating jobs and currency.
They argued that tourism brings 8.7% of the gross domestic product (GDP). “Today, we have 22 billion dollars of economic impact and played a fundamental role as the third generator of income in this country,” said Laura Barrera PRI.
His partner’s bed, Margarita Flores, said that today is a day of sad for the tourism sector, then disappear the CPTM reflects the absence of vision of public policy in the matter, to the detriment of the Mexicans.
In the maximum Gallery, the legislator of the institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) said that tourism is one of the activities engine of the economy, which generates 3.7 million direct and indirect jobs.
To substantiate the opinion, Abelina López morenoite criticized that they spent in 47.7 million dollars last to Cirque Do Soleil; 870 million for the NFL; 212 million for Formula 1, 63 million in 23 offices of the CPTM overseas, and nearly 60 million dollars in the tourism tianguis, resources that were paid with taxes of Mexicans.
Fellow Caucus, Dolores Padierna Luna, he said that the Tourism Board of Mexico, as a majority State shareholding company, received investment from the federal Government and earnings were for the private sector.
However, the panista Sergio Fernando Ascencio Barba questioned that the disappearance of this Council was not based, and said that its funding is generated from a tax paid by foreign tourists who enter the country.
Also, he warned about the closure of 23 offices in different countries for the promotion of tourism, and said that not promoting tourism interests to the Government.
“It is the most unfortunate thing of the decisions of the Government of Brown and President López Obrador occurrences, dismantle institutions without clarity and direction to define State policies in key areas for growth and development of this great country”, said.
For the party of the Democratic Revolution (PRD), Claudia Reyes Montiel said that disappear the tourism promotion is a mistake that will cost the country, because it is a bad decision technically, that would not generate benefits.
He warned that in the first quarter of the current federal administration, five destinations recorded a decrease in foreign visitors.
In turn, the Congresswoman Martha Angelica Macias Zamudio, citizen movement, argued that disappear the Mexico Tourism Board is a measure that puts at risk one of the most noble and important industries, as spending on promotion is a investment.
However, Congresswoman Marta Dekker, of the Labor Party, said that to eliminate the Council promotion does not disappear, as federal Secretary of the branch, which has this attribution will continue to do it.
The morenoite Maria of the angels Huerta del Rio pointed out that in the Mexico of the fourth transformation it will not be duplication of functions or underutilization of the resources of the people, nor the budget of all corruption.
He added that the opinion is intended to encourage the Government to run more efficient actions in tourism, and said that promoting tourism do not vanish, “what disappears is the Golden bureaucracy”.
In particular, Brown and his allies were also imposed to approve articles reserved for discussion with 284 votes in favor, 5 abstentions and 157 against.
Approved in Parliament went to the Senate, to continue with the legislative procedure.
From December 7, federal Secretary of tourism, Miguel Torruco, announced that you disappeared the Tourism Board.
“On the instructions of the President, all offices abroad including those of Promexico disappear; the State is going to be thinner, we are going to lose weight so that those resources be channelled to national priorities,”said Torruco, a decision that was criticized by different characters, indicating that it would affect the domestic tourism.
The President of the National Association of hotel chains (w), Luis Barrios Sánchez, earlier this month urged the federal Government is investing $ 125 million yearly for the promotion of the tourist destinations in the country, since the private contribution in this field, it is not enough.
“Not descobije us, support us with the resources needed to anchor and multiplied more than the budget for communication and advertising of the Mexican tourism,” he said during the inauguration of Tianguis Turistico in Acapulco, to President Andrés Manuel López Obrador.
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