translated from Spanish: Opposition alliance will participate in the meeting between OAS and Government

Managua: the opposition civic Alliance for Justice and democracy announced that it will attend the meeting will hold on Wednesday a representative of OAS and the Government of Nicaragua, on the work on electoral matters, as part of agreements to overcome the cr sociopolitical ISIS who lives abroad. The Alliance, which on Tuesday had anticipated that not he would sit with the Government while this does not fulfill the agreements signed in March to overcome the crisis, explained that his presence at the meeting is due to that it was the same opposition organization that requested such meeting.» Taking into account that this informative presentation was requested by the civic Alliance at the end of March and that the civic Alliance called upon the Government to assist in a communiqué of 11 April, we inform you that this morning we are going to see the same», said the movement opponent. The day before, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Nicaragua had been informed that the meeting on Wednesday would be a «continuation» of the memorandum of understanding signed on February 28, passed between the OAS and the Government of Daniel Ortega.» This is a meeting for information purposes only. The advancement of elections and reforms towards a credible system are fundamental agenda points of the civic Alliance», insisted the opposition. This morning, the Chancellor Denis Moncada reiterated that the meeting is not related to the negotiations between the Government and the Alliance developed from 27 February to 3 April last, in which the expectations due to the «lack of will» have not been achieved in the Executive, according to the opposition.

At the meeting scheduled for Wednesday, the OAS will be represented by the head of the section of Electoral technical cooperation, the Department for cooperation and election observation (DECO) of the organism, Cristóbal Fernandez.el Ortega Government invited to the General Secretariat of the OAS to participate in the negotiating table has been completed at the beginning of the month, which agreed to merge as a witness and companion. The Permanent Council of the OAS has begun to apply the Inter-American Democratic Charter to Nicaragua, which could culminate with his suspension from the continental body. Nicaragua suffers a serious crisis that has left 325 dead since April of 2018, according to the Inter-American Commission on human rights (IACHR), although some groups raise to 568 fatalities, while the Executive recognizes only 199 and denounces an attempt coup d ‘ état. 

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