translated from Spanish: Pillar: They fired 50 employees and close the Consevik plastic factory

Another factory closes its doors and leaves more than 50 families in the street. This time, it’s Consevik SA, a company dedicated to the production of plastic containers located in the Buenos Aires locality of Pilar.La company sent telegrams of dismissal on the basis of “the crisis of all the plastics industry and the unfortunate situation, public knowledge, the company I represent”, reads the letter signed by the owner of the company.

The cause of the layoffs – according to Consevik – was due to “force majeure”, although so far the factory continues operating in reduced way. He is expected to on Tuesday 30 April halt production permanently. According to the EstadoDeAlerta site, the workers pointed out that “it is true that increasingly he worked less and was something that we were coming” but that “now fight for what is ours”, given the possibility that does not charge all of the final settlement.

Sergio Massa next representatives, listening to the owner of Consevik SA

Last week, the leader of front renovator Sergio Massa next space Councillors visited the facilities of Aislamax, factory which belongs to the same owner of Consevik and see who listening on shared images.

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