translated from Spanish: Piñera, 9 hole and the helicopter of the FACH

The long weekend of Easter also President Sebastián Piñera, enjoyed it with his family. The three days he was in the sixth Region, staying in the «House 100» Codelco, known as the «third presidential House»
In those three days, the President visited the mining town of Sewell with part of his family, the Sunday morning picked up «chocolate eggs» with their grandchildren, and played Golf, also in family.
The «House 100» Codelco, where the President stayed is a mansion in the town of Coya 630 square meters built in pine American oregon, three bedrooms and two bathrooms, extensive gardens, which was built in the 1920’s by the Cooper C Braden ompany, which in those years the El Teniente mine. After the nationalization of the copper, in 1973, it became to be considered Presidential Palace, La Moneda and Cerro Castillo.
In this idyllic weekend long President Piñera did not have to go through the complications of the tacos and jams on roads, since he arrived on Friday at target in a helicopter of the FACH, who left him in the hole golf course of Coya 9 , same place where joined it search Sunday at 15:30 hrs, the same helicopter.
The Coya Club has 18 hole courts, with different degrees of complexity for those who are starting in this discipline and also for experts, with the backdrop of the Andes and an attractive natural environment, which makes it one of the best three lug ares to practice this sport. Piñera played during the weekend.
In the photos, are the President posing in the golf court and the FACH helicopter with its pilots, in the mentioned hole 9.

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