translated from Spanish: Son of Nibaldo Villegas tells the treatment of Johanna Hernández had with the teacher: «I saw how she insulted him and beat»

Today continued the statements within the framework of the research action by the death of Professor Nibaldo Villegas. On Monday he spoke the family of Villegas, Johanna Hernández. On Tuesday, Francisco Silva, current partner of Hernandez. On Wednesday, the son of the late, Alejandro Villegas (22) attended public prosecutor’s Office to give his testimony.
The story of Alejandro began when he recalled on August 10 last year, when his father disappeared. «Never gave signs of wanting to leave or want to do something to disappear», he said with a breathy voice, recalling that they communicated, through a call or a Whatsapp, throughout the day. That changed when he disappeared, «I called, sent him messages to your mobile phone and in the Whatsapp appeared only a ticket».
At the start of the search for his father, he explained that «we abarcábamos great land for small groups looking for. «We didn’t know that we were looking for in truth, we tried anything, a handkerchief on the ground, something».
Later to be revealed the tragedy, said her sister told her that «Mommy grabbed to ‘chuchás’ the Pope’, thus giving more background on the violent behaviour of the former spouse of Nibaldo, Johanna Hernández, he even said that the imputed in one chance tried to beat his father and threw a stone to your vehicle.
«She was screaming my father thousands of expletives. He took a stone and strip the car of my dad and my dad puts the hand and there comes Francisco with the eldest son of Johanna and they take. I while, I stay with my sister on the second floor, which was obviously desperate crying and there trying to calm her down, and with anger, because I felt that my dad deserved not that, not deserved that they were to treat well outside of his house. That was the last time there was a kind of relationship between Nibaldo and Johanna,»he said.
Alejandro explained how he changed his relationship with Hernandez. When he met her, he said she was kind and «I always had good vibes». But that changed last year before the death of his father: «I saw a radical change in the relationship with her and my father. I saw how she insulted him and beat».
After confirming the death of the teacher, his son said that «I have been able to live peaceful (…). «I’ve broken down, it is super difficult to move forward», which added that he hopes «that don’t have to go with that fear. «It would be shocking for the see them on the street, I don’t know, I can’t imagine the dimensions that could lead and even worse for my sister», that called for the maximum punishment for Johanna and Francisco Silva.

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