translated from Spanish: The filtration of Game of Thrones that caused a drop in rating

It is known to fans of Game of Thrones: the first episodes of each season always generate so much anxiety, which in a way or another end up filtering details or even whole chapters. Despite all the precautions taken by the creators of the series so this does not happen, this time the leaks came from official sites to play the series in different parts of the world. Long before the premiere of the eighth season, talked about in internet of a leaked script of the first episode. Myth or reality, the majority of these leaks were never fans of Game of Thrones thickness. After two years of waiting, the logical thing was to wait a little longer to enjoy the chapter in all its glory when it premiered.

Not even the protagonists of the series knows how it will end all

But the first episode was leaked four hours before the world premiere, on the platform of Direct TV. Despite the continuous efforts of HBO and the producers of the series to prevent piracy, the worst leaks generally come from legal sources, either human error or maladministration. Anyway, the premiere of the first episode of the last season broke ratings records in the United States, with a total of 17.4 million viewers on all available platforms (which includes streaming and repetitions). The number of people seeing “Winterfell” live was 11,76 million and grew during the week to 27.7 million (an increase of 59%). That means 6.5 million people more than the number who saw the debut of the previous season in the same time period. But success was not repeated with “A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms” and the audience of the second episode fell 10.29 million viewers in its live broadcast. Being one 12.5% lower than the debut of the season, it is a little more of what went down numbers with respect to the three previous seasons, with a historic low of 10.5% between the premiere and the second chapter.

Jaime and grey worm are regarded with a face of “if I spoileas something kill you”

Anyway, the second episode of the new season ranked fourth in initial larger audience in the history of the series, behind the end of the seventh season (12.07 million), the premiere of the final season and the fifth episode of the seventh season (10.72 million). The filtration of the second episode was caused by an early rise to Amazon Prime Video platform in Germany. It was immediately posted on a web of illegal downloads and wasn’t long until HBO gave it low, but the damage was already done and the details of the new episode had already flooded the social networks.
They are now quite paranoid that someone knowing something of the series and ruin it for others.

It is known by statements of actors who all last season’s scripts were distributed in tablets and there was not a single paper copy turning, in order to avoid spoilers. Also stated that various finishes with false scenes were filmed to confound to any try to filter out details about the final episode of Game of Thrones.Pero that did not prevent that the first two complete episodes before its release leak so far world, and every Sunday the fans have to take care of yourself and retire early from the networks if they want to see the episode without any spoiler. In this note:

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