translated from Spanish: The former spouse of De la Sota: «invoke God and celebrate a death is incredible»

The national Deputy Adriana Nazario asked a question of privilege to respond to Elisa Carrió, who yesterday in a proselytizing rally in Cruz del Eje, Cordoba, thanked God for the death of the former Governor of the province, José Manuel de la Sota. Nazario, ex-wife of ‘Galician’ considered that the words of the Member of change were «offensive, highly offensive,» because they involve over a person that cannot be defended. 

And he criticised it for «invoke God and thank for a death». In this regard, he said that «since yesterday I’m looking for a qualifying adjective and I can not find it, is incredible». Nazario lifted up the figure of his former spouse, who died in a traffic accident in September 2018: «De la Sota was elected thrice Governor of Córdoba. Before that he got tired of losing elections as he said, but he never attacked an opponent». 

President @mauriciomacri, hope that you ask his political partner @elisacarrio that he apologize immediately with me and my family by the huge barbarity that said about the death of my father. Not anything goes to get votes. -CandelariadelaSota (@delaSotaCande)
April 23, 2019

And used similar words to which her daughter yesterday, used when via Twitter also hit Carrio: «It raised in campaign not it’s worth everything, had to try to convince, to discuss ideas».
«Jose not hated, so we won’t answer grievances and insults, but known of Carrió sayings offend the memory,» closed Nazario.

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