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CD. de Mexico, Mexico.-after maintaining the opinion in the freezer for almost a month, the plenary of the Chamber of Deputies began tonight the discussion of education reform. The opinion was endorsed by education and constitutional points commissions on 27 March last, after several days of blockades and protests by the national coordinator of education workers (CNTE). However, their discussion was postponed to the mobilizations of dissenting teachers and the decision of the movement of national regeneration (Morena) not to upload it to the House to reach an agreement with them. Morena, the federal Government and the CNTE held several meetings on the premises of the Secretariat of public education (SEP).


Those meetings were criticized by the opposition, since in spite of a legislative process, the discussion was carried out without the participation of all political parties.

Yesterday, by decision of Morena, the Chamber of Deputies approved to amend the agenda to include the Declaration of advertising of the opinion. Hours later, after a meeting between authorities of the SEP and the parliamentary coordinators, but the Labor Party (PT), the Coordinator of Morena, Mario Delgado, announced that the opinion would be discussed and voted by the plenary on Wednesday. The legislator explained that the document will be «modifications of precision», which will be accomplished through an addendum. The opinion adopted in committees disappears all provisions linking the permanence of the teachers to the results of its evaluations. Create the career system for teachers, through which income, promotion and recognition mechanisms will be teaching service. In addition, it creates the national system of continuous improvement, which replaces the National Institute for the evaluation of education (INEE), so far, the instance responsible for evaluating teachers.

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