translated from Spanish: They assault team of video in Azcapotzalco

Photo / video capture
Mexico-surveillance cameras captured the moment in which a group of Mexican and foreign advertisers were assaulted in streets of the colony Arenal in the mayoralty of Azcapotzalco.
The images show that in a matter of minutes criminals paralyzed with pistols to the production team that walked quietly down the olive Street.
Video / Youtube / image
Shown is one of the women pulled to the ground and while the offender points les out, she fans her cell phone and a bag to the curb; his accomplice is dedicated to strip of their belongings to the rest of the people.
The victims include two photographers Americans, as well as three women of French nationality and five Mexicans, who were looking for locations for an advertising campaign of alcoholic beverages.
According to the victims, one of the assailants was a detonation in the air when his partner tried to seek help from neighbors.
The team was stripped of three cameras, five cell phones, memory cards and money.
The events happened the afternoon of April 22, between the 14:15 and 14:30 hours, when this group of 10 working people that they were in olive Street, were surprised, firstly, by three men who arrived aboard a scooter.
As they descended with guns and approached their victims, left two accomplices further from the street.
In a matter of minutes they fled onto incarnation Ortiz Street. The facts were seated in the folder of research IC-FAZ/AZ4-UI1SD/1762/04-2019.
Source: Excelsior

Original source in Spanish

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