translated from Spanish: Two injured in clumsy shock-tip-over at Uspero

Home Security Two injured in clumsy shock-tip-over at Uspero

Parácuaro, Michoacán-two vans staged a clumsy shock-tip-over and as a result of the accident there were two injured, according to the information obtained from the work of journalists. The emergency was attended by a few local lifeguards and by the Michoacan police.
The event was in the federal highway Apatzingan-Cuatro Caminos, at the height of the vehicular bridge in the community of Uspero in this municipality of Parácuaro. Other motorists who realized the accident were those who called the 911 emergency number.
It transpired that the injured were Antonio V., 73 years of age and Aurora R., 70 years of age, both based in the community of Acahuato dam in the demarcation of Apatzingan. They were treated by paramedics from Municipal Civil protection, being channeled to the Regional Hospital in Apatzingan that they were valued by the doctors.
Law enforcement sources detailed that the wounded couple was traveling in a van of the brand Ford Wolf, white, which starred in a collision against a Nissan which was abandoned by its driver. Officers of the Federal Police of the Regional Security Division were the respective surveys to determine responsibilities.

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