translated from Spanish: Vidal announced economic measures in line with the national Government

The Governor of the province of Buenos Aires, María Eugenia Vidal, accompanied by the President of the Banco Provincia, Juan Curuchet, production Minister, Javier Tizado, Minister of economy, Hernán Lacunza and the Minister of labour, Marcelo Villegas, presented a package of measures to mitigate the economic crisis in the province.
«These measures accompany economic measures of the Government,» said Vidal.

The Governor announced a new impetus «for the third consecutive year of discounts of 50% to the Bank province offers to buy in food supermarkets, no alcoholic beverages and cleaning products with a cap of $2,000 reimbursement each third and fourth» Wednesday of each month until the end of the year». The second measure, in line with nationwide ads, is based on the freezing of rates in respect of electricity for the province.
«No part of the invoice should increase by end of the year and applies to the province of Buenos Aires».

Also referred to mortgage lending grape: «Bank province decided that 17 thousand families who pay the fees will have a maximum of 30% of their salary.» «If it exceeds that amount, shall charge the Bank from April until December». Vidal also announced the creation of «a line of credit for SMEs in the sectors textile and footwear offering a rate of 25% for discount checks up to 120 days and a rate of 29% for loans to 12 months» and «the Elimination of the accumulated interest with» the Ministry of labour and the offer of a payment plan.» Finally, in addition to these measures, he promoted a Bill so it is treated by the Buenos Aires legislature «so in the supermarket shelves has a defined space of 10% for products of Buenos Aires SMEs and that any vendor can take more than 30% of the gondola in products». In this note:

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