translated from Spanish: Eduardo Frei Ruiz-Tagle squares off with version of Pinera: “We have relations with China 50 years ago”

The Ambassador Plenipotentiary for Asia-Pacific, the former pres idente Eduardo Frei (DC) is squared with President Sebastián Piñera, who has starred in two foreign policy fails on the visit to China.
The first was when the President said that relations with China began during the Government of Eduardo Frei Montalva, which does not fit with historical truth since diplomatic ties were fastened with Popular China in December 1970, during the administration of Salvador Allende. The other were the statements by the President to defend the signing of trade agreements with China despite being a Communist regime, under the argument that “everyone has the political system that wants to”. Since the opposition they accused him of “double standard”, whereas the critical stance the President exhibits to Governments of the region as Venezuela and Cuba.
But Frei, one of the special guests of the retinue accompanying Pinera in the presidential tour, gave all his support for the President: “we have relations with China 50 years ago and today there are new investments, new projects, and Chile has to be open to the” world because that is what we define for many years now”.
Apart from this statement, the not only Uribe has been in the arena by his political flirtation with Piñera. Also it has been strongly questioned by component of business of his visit to China.
As revealed El Mostrador, the Uribe has a wine business, a personal undertaking that was promoted in the “Chilean Wine Road Show,” Thursday 25th, a sample of Chilean wines to a select group of Asian buyers. The product is wine “President Frei”, marketed by Akana Wines, a partnership between the Viña Undurraga and Perfect China Asian.

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