translated from Spanish: Free beauty products for testing animal gather at festival

The test animal in cosmetic products has been a topic that has captured more and more interest. The concern for those who can not defend has generated a true revolution and lifestyle around Cruelty Free products.
This trend increasingly takes more strength among consumers, who have generated a real change in the market. In fact, a third of Chilean women seek products free of animal testing.
There are many myths associated with the consumption of Cruelty Free products, and so Pamela Grant guarantees it the survey carried out by the national cosmetics brand. 55% of Chilean women believed that there are few products and variety of makeover free of animal testing. While 29% believe that they have a high cost.
In fact, all the brand products are 100% Cruelty Free certified by the NGOs you protect.
Festival Ecobelleza
This year will be the eighth version of Ecobelleza, whose growth did go from fair to a festival. Free entrance activity will take place on 4 and 5 may in Estación Mapocho. Organized by the event-oriented education and the promotion of the respect for the environment and animals.
The activity will feature more than 120 enterprises consumer conscious, in the areas of cosmetics that are not tested on animals, healthy eating and vegan, manual and local production, and zero waste initiatives and respectful with the environment.
The event has positioned itself as the activity cruelty free largest in Chile, and the first version at the Mapocho station Cultural Center will offer free activities for attendees: workshops of makeup, food and healthy life, a space of food trucks of food vegan, manicure and makeup whose profit will be donated the NGO, and a special area of organizations non-profit working for similar reasons.
“Through various activities we continue to educate the conscious consumer and demonstrate that live in harmony with the environment and animals possible. We fervently believe that, if we change our consumption habits, we can generate a real impact, and this Festival wants to celebrate that we are able to achieve it,”said Camila Cortínez, Director of NGO tea protect Ggneral.
“Being part of the Ecobelleza Festival is very important for us, since it strengthens our commitment with our consumers as brand free of animal testing.” Pamela Grant has never tested its products on animals and participate in these instances allows to continue the awareness of the community,”said Manuel Figueroa, Brand Manager of the cosmetic brand.
Activity will feature more than 120 enterprises for the conscious consumer, in the areas of cosmetics that are not tested on animals, healthy eating and vegan, manual and local production. Tickets to the festival are free for the public.
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