translated from Spanish: Personal data: CPLT calls out of the «ice age» and modernize the regulations

The Council for transparency (CPLT) advocated a radical transformation in the field of processing of personal data, and urged Congressional approval of the Bill to modernize the legislation in this area.
The idea is to remove the country from a regulatory framework that is «in the ice age», since it dates back to the year 1999, said the President of the Council for transparency, Marcelo Drago, during the seminar on protection of personal data of the CPLT «Tu Huella Tu Dato» that took place in the center of the Catholic University Extension.
In the instance, which counted with the presence of the Finance Minister, Felipe Larraín, and the Secretary general of the Presidency (Segpres), Gonzalo Blümel, discussed the position to take Chile to get to the level of the worldwide standard in the processing of data personal, a discussion that crosses with topics like democracy and development in the context of the digital economy.
In the debate, Drago expressed concern about the lack of a standard that protects the personal data of the society. «Not having a regulation on protection of personal data current and robust today is a threat to the electoral process,» said the head of the entity.
The head of the institution put emphasis on the need to modernize the regulations introduced since 1999, to achieve «avoid that our data will become a political booty and used with precision military against our», by what you said «it is indispensable to face the next presidential and parliamentary election with a new valid personal data protection law».
Drago said that in the event of adoption bill that is in the Senate, Chile may have the possibility of «be a Latin American leader in this area, quickly catch up to the e even be above other countries in the region».
It should be recalled that Bill which is in process in the Parliament, attributed you to the CPLT the work of protecting personal data, so the institution would be called «Council for the transparency and protection of personal data».
To take into account
One of the panels of the seminar, dedicated to discuss a series of subjects linked to major regulatory frameworks in terms of data transfer in a digital economy, counted with the participation of the head of markets of the counter, Natalia Saavedra.
Regarding the draft law which is transacted in the Senate, the Publisher stressed that «it is key that the new regulation of data that is being discussed in the Congress, be taken into account that this treatment of not only personal data, but also institutional do not close the possibilities of control to power.»
Another point at issue is the need to «avoid regulations which restrict the ability, under the excuse that they are all personal data», said.
In the debate he talked about European cases, some of which have regulatory institutions responsible for solving any dilemma over personal data. Regarding the situation in Chile, reached a consensus that probably when it just begins to regulate, it is difficult to immediately receive a record of all personal data, given that in Chile there are several organizations that address this issue, so that the installation of a «super agency» devoted to this theme would not be an idea quite feasible.

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