translated from Spanish: Police assist a shot in Morelia, Michoacán

Morelia, Michoacan.-municipal police officers helped a subject who suffered a bullet in the right calf impact, he was pulled along the old road to Morelia-Patzcuaro.
According to police authorities, some motorists saw the injured party about 08:00 hours on Wednesday, at the height of the site known as La Campiña, then reported it to the 911 emergency number.
The patrol arrived on the scene and found to the plaintiff, who protected him from the cold with a blanket, so they applied first aid; the individual was identified as Christopher, 24 years of age.
Subsequently some paramedics took care of the patient and channeled it to a hospital for their appropriate medical evaluation.
The above said to the guardians of order that, during the night of Tuesday, rates deprived it of freedom when he was at the courts of the colony moreliana Socialist.
He added that his attackers shackled him, climbed into a black van and took him towards the old road to Patzcuaro, in the sense of the Cointzio dam, then they fell from the vehicle and shot him.
The injured person argued to ignore the motive of the attack, also mentioned that he could not see who hurt him because they had covered her face. It is hoped that the facts are investigated by the competent authority.

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