translated from Spanish: Researchers of U. de La Serena prepared the first Chilean app from virtual reality to educate the community about astronomy

With the conviction that it is possible to spread the passion for astronomy in a country that has all the advantage competitive s for observation, Universidad de La Serena launched a free citizen education program that seeks to bring closer to Chilean families to this science.
To do this, the House of studies launched the “Univrso” project, which considers the design and implementation of the first Chilean application of virtual reality for astroturismo, as well as courses online free (with total capacity of 1,000 quotas) that will be taught by academics from the Department of physics and astronomy at the University.
The App, which will be available in June for free download through operating system iOS (Iphone) and Android, will integrate experiences of virtual reality of the Chilean skies, from the use of VR lenses, which simulates the interactive experience of a Observatory allowing user, anywhere in the world, to identify and learn about aspects of the universe as constellations, stars and planets with detailed information on the main characteristics and properties.

Real simulation
“Univrso”, name of the application, has a modeling system of heaven held in conjunction with the astronomers of the University of La Serena, which allows to have a real simulation and scientific support of what is being observed.
The head of the Digital Campus of ULS and director of the project, Humberto Farías, explains that the relevance of this program lies in the basis in science have accurate astronomical information and allowing citizens closer to astronomy.
“With this program we want to share knowledge and spread to citizens with a passion for science and astronomy. We believe that parents, grandparents, and families, are those who can transfer this knowledge and passion to children. In addition, with this initiative we want to enhance the regional astroturismo by means of love to the inhabitants of La Serena and Coquimbo, because they are the first tour operator”, indicates.

Share knowledge
In addition to the technological proposal, the project has an educational edge which consists in the implementation of four free online courses, whose objective is to deliver knowledge of astronomy to those who want to learn about this topic. Classes will start in may, with 250 places per course, with registrations through the website
The courses are aimed at all persons interested in deepening their knowledge of astronomical study.
Finally, the final part of the project will consist of the delivery of 15 kits to tour operators, including high-end virtual reality glasses (to enhance the experience of tourists) and a full version of the app, to thus complement the offer of the tours that are They offer in the area and enhance the astroturismo.

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