translated from Spanish: Survey shows that 77% of Chilean doctors support allowing euthanasia patients with incurable disease

The Medical Association conducted a survey between March 27 and on April 22, to know the opinion of its members about euthanasia and suicide.
77% of the doctors and doctors agree to allow euthanasia patients victim of intolerable suffering, caused by an incurable disease, and that they have access to the best palliative care. Under the same conditions, moreover, 56% manifested favorable to assisted suicide.
The inquiry sent digitally, was answered by about 5 thousand registered physicians from across the country. Questions, Furthermore, included details about the role that doctors must have to carry out this type of procedures currently discussed in a draft Bill which is under discussion in the Health Commission of the Chamber of Deputies.
To be consulted on whether it would be willing to practice euthanasia, 59% said yes he would, while 33% said that not. Meanwhile, to be evaluated the involvement in assisted suicide, 45,52% said that it would not be part of the situation, while the 44,52% Yes. In the first case, 4.7% responded that it does not have an informed opinion, while in the second that figure rose to 9.96%.
Finally, you were consulted about the best people to carry them out, and in both situations professionals widely expressed that they should be surgeons, 68% in euthanasia and assisted suicide 60%. In that response, multiple alternatives, respondents would prefer to be a person trained or authorised, 23.55% and 30,29% of cases respectively. And, finally, by other professionals of health in 11%.
“We understand that this is a debate citizen, but we wanted to know what opinion our doctors and medical and the survey we did was answered by more than 5 thousand doctors and their results can know that doctors are overwhelmingly in favor of the” Euthanasia and assisted suicide and that a high percentage is available to realize both actions”, said Dr. Izkia Siches, President of the order, to present history.

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