translated from Spanish: Bacilli, back on stage: «return after ten years is super exciting»

They are back. Bacilli first came to the Argentina to present their recent album «Where we shall meet?», which marks the return to the scenes of the winning band of six awards Grammys.Jorge Billamizar (Colombia), André Lopes (Brazil) and José Javier Freire (Puerto Rico) are they joined at the end of the ‘ 90s and formed one of the most successful. Throughout his career, they consecrated as one of the groups of greatest recognition in America and Europe.

With an attractive title, bacilli releases his new album, which takes a tour of presentations and tours. «» Where us stayed? «presents the evolution musical of the group, and to his time, incorporated new sounds preserving its essence.» It was a very interesting job, where we had to find and maintain the essence of bacilli. «We work on a composition, but at the same time, we take advantage of the technologies that exist today in the studies and we are surrounded of the most varied, as urban music influences», has André Lopes and return to the stage
In 2007, multinational Latin pop band decided it was time to take a break after a long journey and obtained several awards. «There was anger as people usually think. We get along very well, we are very good friends, almost like brothers. We remained in touch but we were tired.  «After twelve years of recording discs, make great promo, and tours (which was exciting and we are grateful for this) we take a break of ten years», says José Javier Freire, and added that the three were wearing pause to your personal projects for the priority their joint work involved.

Twelve years later, the musicians were ready for a second chance. «The dynamic between the three remains the same,» highlights Lopes. «We have worked with very good people, like Andrés Castro, a great producer. So can release an album where people can note the essence of bacilli and see a development, the evolution of the sound of the band throughout these ten years», added. A story, many times
Looking a bit forward but reviewing the tour the whole currency many of the moments that set a precedent and left a mark on their way. «There’s lots of adventure, many experiences» stand out. Remember when they received their first Grammy in 2003: «I was in New York and we were surrounded by artists we admire».

It was not for less, opportunities for ‘Bacilli Africa’, a documentary reality show for Animal Planet. «We traveled to Kenya and we spent two weeks there. It was filmed and chapters hopped on YouTube. They passed it for a long time and it was a cravings, an amazing experience», they mention. Among so many moments, its simple «Caraluna» sat a precedent. After more than twenty years of its release, continues to be one of the most recognized and chosen by many issues.
«‘Caraluna’ was the fruit of a lot of work, basically the song that became a symbol of our sound», see Jorge Villamizar. 

After separation, the set back with expectation. «Return after ten years is super exciting.» We continue turning and adding experiences», assures Freyre in view of the challenges that lie ahead.

Villamizar takes up the words of his companion. «We want to continue to live compose and share music through the years. It is not easy but we want to enjoy it, continue looking for tunes, ideas, traveling and traveling through several countries, where we are, they come to see and that we made friends,»it added. First time in the Argentina
«Where we shall meet?» brings its simple «Addicted to you» and «Por hacerme el Bueno», with more than 4 and 10 million views on YouTube. The musical trio will present his new album on April 27 at the Teatro Ópera (Av. Corrientes 860), within the framework of its world tour, which sold out locations in Spain, Germany, Paraguay, Colombia and United States.

«We are really very happy with the results of this tour. The invitations come from all sides. «We came, we played, we present the songs, the history of bacilli, and this second opportunity that we have been given all, to make music and share, it is an honor», closed.

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