translated from Spanish: Beyer by Cabinet: «Ministers are a little off.»

«I don’t believe in mono-causal explanations, there is a temptation to attribute this to a factor. (…) It is a more general issue, I think that the Government has failed to communicate what is your agenda, that has made him lose impact in terms of its popularity. Governments need to have clear an agenda, in 3, 4 or 5 things and able to install them and explain why they are important.» The words are of the rector of the Universidad Adolfo Ibáñez (UAI), Harald Beyer, to analyze the low performance of La Moneda in the polls.» «If you recall when he left, (the Government) had like 5 main themes, he said we are going to reach major agreements and all that is has been diluted, (since) last year with various events that occurred», said in an interview with Radio universe. «But if today they ask you people what are the major issues that the Government wants to leave installed, I think that the population would not be able to explain. That’s a weakness».» I do not believe that there is only an explanation, I believe that the policy design, the Ministers are a little bit turned off,»he added. «Several factors are occurring simultaneously. That said, I think that nor a Government which has a minority in Congress and lives in a context of profound social and cultural change, will never be popular in Chile. I believe that these ratings are not disastrous, they are normal for the times we are living, and would be more complicated for the Government if it had great leaders with great approvals of the opposition and that neither happens. We live in a time of poverty of leadership and that also affects the evolution of politics.» Kinds of Eticaconsultado by the kinds of ethics that teaches the IAT former drivers Penta, Carlos Eugenio Lavín and Carlos Alberto Délano, which have generated enough discussion, Beyer said: «the University has to diversify its sources of funds. This was a bid that summoned Police. There is a very capable team at the University on these matters, then an opportunity appeared. The University is sufficiently decentralized and these decisions are made autonomously and seems positive.»» Justice proposed a punishment and we are doing in a demanding way, that this punishment is met. «There is nothing wrong from the point of view of the University», he said»it strikes Me that holds that some crimes must be punishable with imprisonment and (on the other hand) it says is an exaggeration that there is jail in all of these cases.» «Then I think that we have to agree, are crimes that are subjects of prison and what not», said. «I am not a lawyer, I have no expertise to this but it seems to me that there is a cognitive dissociation in this debate, I personally am no friend of the prisons, the majority of penalties should be alternative penalties». He said that «I do not think that there are penalties that we are always thinking in jail according to what we believe that it should be penalized, this has to be a somewhat broader discussion. «» In general terms, I think that there should not be too much prison except for too serious crimes ‘. » «This perception that there is justice for the rich and poor has to do with the way in which we define penalties, more than with a decision of Justice».

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