translated from Spanish: Guard killed in Aguaruto, Culiacan, was returning from work

Culiacan, Sinaloa-in the vicinity of a farm field was injured shot a guard yesterday morning. Relatives who went to find him, to see him in such a situation, immediately moved it to the receivership of Aguaruto, but without life. José Bernardo was the name of the deceased. Data collected
Early hour, they hoped to Bernardo at home, since he was allegedly responsible for provide security in an agricultural field. The clock hands continued their March, and the desperation of their loved ones not to see it get increased. They set out to find it, and by the way will Las Coloradas, in Aguaruto colony, until the field Batan, met with Joseph, who was unconscious and with gunshot wounds at his body.

Moments in which removed the body. Photo: The Debate

They ran to give aid, but they had to upload it to a car model old Buick brand to hastily at the base of Red Cross, which is located in this community.

They hoped that in the benemérita guard physicians were successful in life-saving, but it was no longer possible. Bernardo was shot in sensitive areas of your body, and did not already have their vital signs. Municipal police officers cordoned off the perimeter and truck, in the passenger seat is where the corpse was seated. Notice was given to staff of the General State Prosecutor’s Office (FGE) so they proceeded to carry out the field work. It transpired that allegedly armed men met on the road with José Bernardo, and without more details, began to shoot when they were supposedly in his car. When they were able to see that it did not react, they would have withdrawn with unknown direction. At the moment not included information of how many people were the attackers or in vehicle moved. Procedures
Field efforts were made by a group of experts, who were focused on reviewing the victim, among other kinds of actions. 

Forensic specialists, after a few minutes of work, withdrew from the site, but not before ordering that the corpse was left at the facilities of the forensic medical service for the necessary tests.

Original source in Spanish

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