translated from Spanish: June: the month auto internal taxes are updated

Internal car taxes already have a few years on the market and it is a tribute that was assigned to the «luxury» cars. Year after year, this assessment receives changes due to inflation, while since last January is updated on a quarterly basis, because as prices were changing faster, they are increasingly the vehicles come into that category and receive the aliquot 20%. Therefore, that as of June 1, the Government updates the value of the tribute in which today reaches the value of $1,400,000, which translates into $1.950.000 is that from June, vehicles that have a wholesale cost of more than $1.565.000 and in the granting Aryans exceed the value of $2.176.000 will be achieved by domestic tax, said the journal scope Financiero.Las brands and dealerships must adjust prices for exempt or not several of their models and rearrange their price lists based on the application of the assessment. Should be recalled that since the current Government had promised to eradicate this tax (but only reduced it), once the previous Presidency it has floated in 2008 and increased gradually from 2014 by the flight of foreign exchange. The reality indicates that several brands offer the values of their products in dollars without changes (although increase in pesos by the devaluation), or directly «frozen» to not be achieved by the tax, but other cars increase every month and it is when the distance with one another it is minimized. In this note:

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