translated from Spanish: Violated and pregnant to a girl and it was acquitted because took care of the baby

Three years ago, in Corrientes city Paso de los Libres, an 11-year-old girl was abused – in two opportunities-by a teenager of 18. The child became pregnant and was then that her mother decided to take its case to justice. The accused was arrested and said not knowing that she was under age or have information about the pregnancy. After check is that the baby was the son of the defendant by the young DNA examination, he decided to take charge of it. Since it keeps the small and they engaged in “a close link”. A minor, that today is 16 years old, also spends time with him regularly. During the trial both women decided to not move forward with the indictment. For the prosecution, the prosecution should be maintained: the facts, the authorship and the criminal responsibility were accredited. For the Court – Marcelo Ramón Fleitas, Gustavo Alfredo Ifrán and Marcelo Manuel Pardo – the case presented “evidentiary insufficiency”. The mother of the victim, also testified in favour of the accused: said that he managed to forgive him, overcome the traumatic situation, and ratified and I share the desire of the victim that the accused would not be arrested and could see his daughter growing up with the father figure. Finally the public order of Paso de los Libres Court ruled by majority acquit the accused.

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