translated from Spanish: Asks divorce his spouse and this killer (video)

City of Mexico-Vanessa Gaytan was murdered by their spouse Irving Emmanuel Martínez at the entrance of the residence House Jalisco, where lives the Governor of the State.
Your spouse arrives suddenly and run over to Vanessa and a police officer who was with her.
Irving lower car and starts to stab Vanessa, another policemen who stood on that site approaches and fires on several occasions against the spouse.
The Attorney general of the State Gerardo Solís explained what happened the morning of April 25 minutes before the assassination:
Vanessa was headed for his work aboard a taxi in Guadalajara, she realized that her spouse followed in a grey VW.
She communicated with their families and they recommended you go towards the Jalisco House for support. He stepped out of the car and approached one of the policemen guarding the entrance to the residence and told him what was happening, there was when her spouse stream them.
December 2017 Vanessa denounced her husband for domestic violence.
Even April 13 the prosecutor asked a psychological for Vanessa valuation since after ask divorce Irving attacks increased.
The Prosecutor accepts that the protection measures provided by the authorities to the victim were insufficient.
Source: Excelsior

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