translated from Spanish: Mercedes-Benz cancel the manufacture of a pickup in the country for «high costs»,

Mercedes-Benz confirmed to finally not manufactured in the country his truck class X, model that was designed to be produced in the province of Córdoba, in conjunction with the Alliance Nissan-Renault.Dentro of the announcement of the results of the first quarter to level world, the German company said that due to the «cost of production» decided to cancel the manufacture of his truck in our country.

Finally the class X is not manufactured in the country.

According to the report presented by the company, «after reviewing the case of business and in alignment with the partner, it was decided not to produce the Mercedes-Benz class X in the Argentina». For the moment, from the local subsidiary have no comment on the matter. The report of Germany also makes reference to «earnings were affected by the initial costs of new technologies, the costs of launching new products and the effects of the exchange rate».

Not confirmed if it will be imported into the country.

The project, for which it had announced an initial investment of 600 million dollars, included the manufacture of three pickups: the Nissan Frontier, that already occurs in the country since last year; the Mercedes-Benz class X, which has just canceled; and the Renault Alaskan, delayed coming. The original idea of this project involved the manufacture of 70 thousand units per year at the plant of Renault in Santa Isabel, Córdoba. In this note:

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