translated from Spanish: Rodrigo Lugo on the red carpet

As I told someone out there: was a walkway with mono and red carpet. Played holder throughout the match. And not desentonó, but quite the opposite. Rodrigo Lugo was one of the figures for the gold team, in its victory of 3-1 before miners of Zacatecas, in the semifinals of the League’s emerging MX. It was a round night for the “Cachi”. The guamuchilense is breaking through in professional football. The opportunity that has been given the coaching staff is valid. The same Diego Armando Maradona has it in the coverage of its alignment. And the guy is left wanting, as it seeks to better alternatives and reach other treads. This just starts and he should know. The road is long to go. But for the fans in The thread City did not pass unnoticed. Here at The Orange House, being live collation, the comments came cascading quickly. “Cachi” Lugo was immediately recognized by local strategists Elías Manuel García Parra and Wilfredo Angulo.Colofón. And by the way of nofasi, cochonas, raspuchiris, – translation – “don’t you be afraid to the murmurs, are murmurs”. Ai´si! Rodrigo Lugo is perhaps a product of the work that is accomplished here in The thread City with trainer Juventino López. Mentor had a branch of the Gold Club in the home football. And as well as many other young, excited by something big, began its preparation and looked for the same project. They are the first steps of many who will have to give. Luck, “Cachi”! 

Original source in Spanish

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