translated from Spanish: The kiosqueros will not recharge on the card goes up Monday and Tuesday

The Argentina Republic Kiosqueros Union (UKRA) suggested that retailers do not make virtual loads during the next Monday and Tuesday. Far reaching card refills rises and balance phone. Thus, users of public transport and service of telephone loads must anticipate unemployment, although there will be some alternatives to the loads in case of running out of balance. «The kiosqueros explained that the service they provide for charging cards rises has no profitability, while by telefonicoobtienen 2.5% gain balance charges.» We want to visualize the critical situation of the kiosqueros nationwide: the return of 1% that we are giving is null, because by the deposit in cash in the Bank, they’re taking us 1% «, said Néstor Palacios, owner of the UKRA. He added that they must also have Internet connection with good speed and a person engaged in performing loads. Retailers cleared gesture that have no intention that «the people run out of travel» and reported that a project are driven «so get gain with these services charge». Alternatives to recharge
Sources of the Transport Ministry of the nation reported that users of the network rises may do recharges in the branches of Correo Argentino, lotteries agencies, supermarkets Carrefour Express, machines in subway and train stations and recharge. They recalled that it can also be done through homebanking, ATMs and payment applications from the cell, which then have to be accredited in the automated terminals, or from the application load CLIMBS. The UPS account with a negative balance of $54 and can be charged up to $1,200.
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