translated from Spanish: AMLO does consultation Freehand on the isthmus project

The President of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, asked Sunday to people in an event raise your hand if it is favour of the project to establish the trans-isthmus corridor that connects the Gulf of Mexico and the Pacific.
«It will expand the port of Coatzacoalcos and the port of Salina Cruz. It will build again the line, i.e., we will invest to have a train load of containers from Salina Cruz to Coatzacoalcos, but that train will also be passengers.
Is it going to be to communicate with a train isthmus «, said the federal President in the event to report on actions of welfare and reconstruction.
«As here we are in a meeting and there are all currents of thought and all parties… Yes or no? There is diversity, right?
Well, why don’t we do here a query?, why don’t we do it? Let’s see, they raise your hand those who are against the project of development of the isthmus is carried out. Let’s see, they raise your hand those who are in favour of the project of the isthmus», he added.
As noted in the official transmission of the event in Juchitan, Oaxaca, people raised his hand in favor of the project, mostly.
This occurs a day when Lopez Obrador said was already conducted consultation among native peoples in where the trans-isthmus corridor shall be established, and they were also in favor.
Federal authorities had not reported on the realization of that query. The half Millennium said that he received a report from the National Institute of indigenous peoples, dated April 1, which establishes that authorities and indigenous peoples supported the development program, but asked to establish committees of monitoring, to ensure that all residents are in agreement.
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On Sunday, Lopez Obrador said to also making Freehand consultation, because «make us baseless accusations and many people who did not have sufficient information is, as they say colloquially, with la finta. Then, why is important to clarify these issues in this way, this way.»
The President said that only will accept Mexican investment in the project of the isthmus.
«For those who always see us with bad eyes and who would that we didn’t do anything, and that we were wrong, will stay with the desire because we are not equal. They can call me ‘Peje’, but I am not a lizard.
I tell them that they walk not inventing will come foreign investment and that foreigners come to take possession of the isthmus. Lie, everything we will do with public investment and if there is participation of private investment will be Mexicans, there will not be foreign. To be clear», gave Lopez Obrador. 
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