translated from Spanish: ANSES granted 700 thousand credits to retirees and beneficiaries of social plans

In just ten days, the national administration of Social Security (ANSES) granted 706.350 loans to retirees, pensioners and beneficiaries of social plans, according to the head of that agency, Emilio Basavilbaso.La most of those loans, about 494.411, they were granted to beneficiaries of the Universal allocation per child (AUH).
Of the rest, 43.137 credits went to retirees; other 6.469 to who receive non-contributory pensions and 162.333 workers in dependency ratio charged family allowances.” We are very consistent with the impact of the policy issued. There is much demand and we can cover it,”said Basavilbaso. 
“It’s money that we put into the Pocket to people who otherwise would resort to caves at very high interest rates. We’re putting silver in the street in the middle of a very cool economics”.

He explained that ANSES already disbursed $12,000 million, and that people who decide to take the credits take four working days between the borrowing and is deposited into the account of the applicant. “Half of the credits is dedicated to housing improvement and be able to refinance,” added Basavilbaso. “It is to say that if you take the credit and you must to the ANSES $5,000 from a previous credit, and lend you 30,000, input they debited you 5,000 for paying off the previous loan, and credited you the other 25,000.” 

Loans, up to $200,000 in accordance with the level of income of the applicant, remain available to 18 million people; and one of the requirements to obtain them is that the fee may not exceed 30% of the income of each beneficiary.” There is no limit, and as long as demand will deliver credits. “We project that from here on the new year’s Eve will have disbursed $124,000 billion”, estimated. Among the loans granted by the social security agency between 17 and 23 April, 39% (208.191) corresponded to the province of Buenos Aires; 10% (53.566) to Córdoba and 9.5% (50.818) to Santa Fe; While 5.6% was assigned to Tucumán (29.926). In this note:

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