translated from Spanish: Audax Italiano leverages the downturn of Unión Española and due on the Santa Laura

Audax Italiano took this Sunday the downturn experienced by Unión Española in recent days for rubber-stamping a valuable victory at home 2 – 0, in disputed match in the Estadio Santa Laura and valid by the tenth date of the Championship N National. With this result, the Hispanic box added their third consecutive defeat and second in line as local, since last week bowed 4-0 at the hands of Everton. He was in fourth place with 18 points, seven of the Catholic University leader. For its part, the Florida team added its it cuartó win in the contest, came to 14 units and climbed from the twelfth to the sixth position of the classification. In this classic of colonies in the stronghold of the commune of independence, the wards of Juan José Ribera sentenced early meeting by leveraging more than defensive licenses showing the ‘Reds’. When they recently fulfilled the 2 minutes of play, Ignacio Jeraldino picó vacuum, endured the two Hispanic Central brand very well and with a cross shot Diego Sánchez overcame resistance from the goalkeeper. It was not much to get the second digit of the outsider. Jesús Hernández stole you from the 6′ the ball to José Aja, who was unruffled by the right side, and the Venezuelan drew a flush Center in the heart of the area Jeraldino hit him first and inflating the networks. Bound by the result, Union took the leading role of the brega but not generated large risk situations. Audina behind responded well the ravages of the homeowner and Eryn Sanhueza meta was safe when it was required. Another important impact of the meeting came after 59 minutes and was the expulsion of the central defender audino Manuel Fernández, by double strike. By the eleventh day of the tournament, Spanish Union will visit on Saturday May 4 at Coquimbo Unido, while Audax Italiano will receive the Sunday 5 to bottom Club Universidad de Chile.

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