translated from Spanish: Minister Cubillos warns that if they reject admission fair «will we present it in one year»

On 13 may, the Hall of the Chamber of Deputies deb She was the idea of legislating for one of the projects of the second administration of Pinera emblematios vote. «Fair admission».
As always, the Government has the will however need the approval of the other sidewalk, the opposition, which said it will reject the idea of legislating the initiative of La Moneda which aims to modify the system of school admissions (SAE). Against this, in an interview with La Tercera, the Minister of education, Marcela Cubillos, warned that the Government will insist with the project although left reject it next May 13, remarking that the current system «produces a very big injustice».
The Secretary of State said that in the Government «we have the conviction that is just pushing for it because you eliminate the academic merit as on school admission criteria produces a very big injustice for many students».
«If the Chamber rejects the fair admission, we will return it to present at this year, because this is part of our Government’s agenda. And if they insist, then will be a subject of electoral debate, not only of the presidential election, but it also to elect parliamentarians are willing to regain the right to choose and evaluate the merit», said the Minister.
According to Cubillos, «opposition is rejecting him without even hearing from the parents.» «SAE does not wear it any parliamentary for their children, then, seems to me the logical thing you hear parents in Congress».
It is worth mentioning that admission fair comes to modify some aspects of the law on school inclusion promoted by former President Michelle Bachelet, replacing the selection in enclosures educational, among other changes to the current regulations.
For the opposition, there is a campaign of disinformation with respect to current school admission system. Let us remember that, in addition, a group of parliamentarians decided to go to the Comptroller General of the Republic, following the tour made by the Secretary of State during the summer, in which visited 26 communes of the country to listen to the problems that occurred with the system of School admission.

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