translated from Spanish: They found the corpse of a man in Zinapecuaro, Michoacan

Home Security They found the corpse of a man in Zinapecuaro, Michoacan

Zinapecuaro, Michoacan.-the body of a man who had a bullet impact in the head was found lying in Zinapecuaro-Acambaro road in this town, where the elements of the Municipal Public Security Directorate moved to cordon off the area in accordance with the chain of custody.
The above might know in the journalistic work, transcended that some people who were in the area in their vehicles found the lifeless body and immediately requested the support of the representatives of the law, themselves arrived in a few minutes.
To confirm what was said by the people, the members of the police of Zinapecuaro hiding place and requested the presence of the experts and ministerial officials from the General Prosecutor’s Office of Michoacan. In this way, to the site became personnel specialized unit at the scene of the crime and homicide unit.
Contacts close friends to the case said that the deceased is unknown as, person who was up to an ambulance for forensic use to immediately be transferred to the Amphitheater of the region for the necropsy of law practice. Until these facilities are expected the loved ones of the aggrieved to claim it.

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