translated from Spanish: They were carrying nearly a half-ton of marijuana in bags of dog food

Two subjects were arrested by the police of the province of Buenos Aires by transporting nearly a half-ton of marijuana inside bags of dog food. The intercepted on the highway Buenos Aires – La Plata, at the entrance to the cities of La Plata and Ensenada.El procedure was carried out by the staff of the traffic of illicit drugs and organized crime, local, following a research delegation research that had as initial data that an individual would go in his truck to Buenos Aires in search of drugs.

They had marijuana in bags of dog food

A covert surveillance by means of which the researchers observed that the individual in question came out in the early morning hours in a van going blanca Amarok to the area mentioned to provide large amount of marijuana was immediately conducted. That is why a dynamic operating semi mounted to intercept the road, which allowed you to see it in the good motorway Aires silver to the height of Villa Elisa accompanied by an auto brand Peugeot 307 grey, who were intercepted in the access to the cities of Silver and Ensenada.

They had marijuana in bags of dog food

When requisitioning vehicles the troops found 24 bags of dog food that took almost a half-ton of marijuana compacted into bricks inside. So both drivers, 43 and 30 years, were arrested and were at the disposal of Justice.

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