translated from Spanish: Tomorrow they return to classes 98 thousand students of basic education

Los Mochis, Sinaloa-day tomorrow, April 29, as the school calendar marks it, return to classes the students of basic education after the Easter holidays. Ahome are 98 thousand students of preschool, primary and secondary school who will return to the classroom, said Luis Heredia Arellano. They are around 98 thousand students of the 544 schools, and around 6 thousand teachers in the municipality of Ahome which will be returning to the classroom. The head of regional services of the SEPyC on Ahome stated that they are almost on the verge of entering the final stretch of the school calendar 2018-2019.
Remember that we already have nothing more may and June and few days of July, but practically it is the final stage, the close, talking about plans and programs of Academy.

Official urged parents to be very attentive and very committed to bringing their children to school and expected learning outcomes are achieved.

No theft report
He mentioned that so far there is no report of damage and theft in schools of the municipality and that the issue will be seen on Monday with teachers. «All the damages we have in a matter of theft must be notified in the official part and channeled to the Legal Department of the Ministry for us take turns them to the Vicefiscalia. But until now I don’t have any information that we have robberies in schools. «Most likely we could have, remember that they are 544 schools and there may be a situation that unfortunately has been given», said. He noted that the month of May brings commemorative dates as the first day, which is suspension, «but back on Thursday and Friday to work normally». Also mentioned that day 1, 10 and may 15 there is suspension of classes. 

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