translated from Spanish: Piñera joke by the controversial presence of children in Asia Tour: “Are punished because of Senator Quintana”

The presence of the children of the President Sebastian in the gir for Asia, has caused uproar in the political spheres. The assistance of Christopher and Sebastián Piñera to a meeting with entrepreneurs from China was what provoked criticism from some lawmakers.
One of which referred to this situation, was the President of the Senate, Jaime Quintana, who pointed out that “is a decision taken by the President, is strange Yes indeed.” But is a meeting of Chinese and Chilean entrepreneurs investors not be what was the role (which they had) “.”
“Times today are different, and you have to take note of the new poll that makes citizens with respect to public events,” said Quintana.
Then, during a tour at the Samsung Innovation Museum (SIM), Piñera was asked about if not gone “children”, since at that time was exhibited a photograph of him with his grandchildren. “No, they are punished because of Senator Quintana,” he replied.
In addition, Senator Quintana argued that it is the auditor’s Office which should pronounce on the matter, and added that “remains to be seen if he is there or not any standard in this area.” If it doesn’t exist, well, I think that it is perfectly possible to create a standard in the future so that situations like this do not occur.”
“I think that it is not to prevent all events that the family can participate, but what would be the reason for participation, could participate in events and what not”, said.

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