translated from Spanish: Rice and Braves don’t be hurt

Guasave, Sinaloa-Maquipo rice and San Pedro Braves teams came out with division of honours within the day number six of the League of baseball’s first force Arturo Antonio Camacho.Fueron of Maquipo that were the first of the two clashes, in which the culiacanense Humberto Amézquita took the victory and Luis Alonso Gutiérrez was the loser.
In the evening San Pedro was who emerged victorious in the commitment, being Daniel Valdez which took the success and Fernando Low stumbled. More encuentrosTrigueros the Burrion and Eagles of the Trinity were also distributed triumphs and defeats. In the morning the ‘feathered’ did carry the day 2-1, with gain to Kevin Sandoval, who beat Mario Zazueta in the center of the diamond. In the afternoon, Trigueros took the win 6-3 with a triumphant return of Obed Esqueda to the ridge of the shooting. Dennis Esquer was the loser and Rolando Juárez led the rescue. Garbanceros of Guamuchil thumped Pirates of Las Brisas. The morning duel finished 10-1. Pedro Salazar was the winner and the defeated Mauricio Inzunza. Afternoon Guamuchil won 18-2, where Uriel Sepúlveda went out gracefully and Bladimir Santos succumbed.
Astros of station Bamoa and Alijadores station Orange came out with a win each. In the morning stars took credit by winning 4-1 to make Donneth Zamudio took victory as a relay. Bismarck Mexía was the loser. By the late Alijadores took 4-3 success. Omar Alejandro de León was better that Angel Uzeta and Omar Araujo stayed with the salvage.

Other results
Castro Ranchito Rangers added two victories to his record in this campaign, after sweeping to farmers in Sinaloa. In the morning defeated them 5-4, being Jesús René López Launcher which tasted triumph and Mario Morales was the fallen. Juan Antonio León saved. In the afternoon, Rangers won 7-4 where Guillermo Ruelas beat Jesús Verdiguera. Colts de San Rafael and Red Devils of Cubiri split. Morning Colts took the 8-1 victory, as Alonso Villarreal Launcher which noted the success and Francisco Osuna fell. Afternoon Cubiri won 2-1.Linces and Bamoa Lions tied at three in the morning and in the evening Lions took the 9-1 win. Guillermo Robledo said the victory and Daniel López lost.
Nio Indians took out a couple of wins champions Batamote dishes. In the morning the score was 2-0. Roman Lara was the picher released with honors and Houston Esqueda who lost. In the afternoon, Indians repeated the dose and won 12-3. This time Enrique Verde won the battle Jesús Rodrigo Félix.
Finally, Tamazula Cardinals lost the first match 4-0 to Leyva Solano shrimp Guasaveno.
Óscar Bernal beat Baudel Zambrano.
In the afternoon they finished tied at nine runs.

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