translated from Spanish: Children have the right to be happy: movement citizen Michoacán

Morelia, Michoacan.-in a statement the party movement citizens reported they partied to Morelia children on the occasion of the «day of the child». Indicated that «they are an essential part of society and we are convinced that every human being has the right to happiness and with these activities we intend to give them a moment of joy, so instructed by Josué Álvarez Morales, Coordinator of the operative Committee on» Morelia».
«This day is very special for the little ones, the passage of the years we believe that it has become a celebration without sense, so we have to emphasize the true meaning is the ensure the rights of children Morelia» added Alvarez Morales.
Movement citizen Morelia, is given the task of promoting the right to leisure, caravan program in motion, through the «Cinito in motion 2019».
The communities that were visited were the peach, the colonies Union Antorchista and Juarez, the Mission Valley estates and Villa Magna.
Within these activities participants were Deputy Javier Paredes Andrade, the national delegate in Michoacan Manuel Antunez Oviedo and the Commission team operational state, which along with entire families enjoyed the allusive celebrations for the «day of the» Child».
This way citizen movement, reaffirms its commitment to the society in general, without neglecting to children who are the future of our country, to ensure the fulfilment and enjoyment of their rights, ensuring their superior good.

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