translated from Spanish: Disguised as «Avengers» kidnapped officer of Veracruz

Veracruz-director of Social development of the city of Cordoba, José Domingo Medrano Vázquez, was allegedly abducted by a group of armed men that dressed up as characters from the «Avengers» film. So far, the authorities of the public prosecutor in Veracruz have the information provided by the son of plagiarized public server, since the child was with his father when it was presented the fact violent and was intercepted on a street of the fractionation Raquet Club, on his way to leave the small school in the morning in the town of Fort of the Flores.La local police only found the vehicle abandoned in which the officer, where he was also the child was traveling. It was the child who mentioned seeing several men disguised as «Avengers», which intercepted the motor unit and then threatened the officer that would be murder.

So far the official has not been located. | Pixabay

Subsequently, the minor pointed out that his father was taken to another vehicle. So far it is not known to where he took the victim.

In the city of Cordoba, staff requested increased security and the location of his co-worker.

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