translated from Spanish: Five men detained with drugs in different operating

Los Mochis, Sinaloa.-agents of the police Municipal walked very active the past weekend and in various operations carried out in colonies and neighborhoods of this city were able to arrest five people which they supposedly found lots of drugs. The first to be under preventive custody was identified as Dámaso N., residing in the the Directorate General of public security Canteras.En fractionation and Ahome Municipal transit reported that elements of that Corporation performed the afternoon last Saturday an operation in several streets of the mentioned settlement when suddenly saw Damasus, who was traveling on a bicycle. Realizing operating this attempted to flee only that it did not. Police intercepted it and reviewing it allegedly found him four wrappers of drug known as crystal clear polyethylene, so proceeded to his arrest. Second arrested
Municipal police officers also arrested Josué Daniel N., neighbor of the Colonia Santa light, who secured 11 doses of glass. He supposedly scandalized in one of the streets of the mentioned settlement, and when police located him and reviewed him found the drug, among their belongings. Third arrested
Sergio Rafael N., residing in colonia Alamos 2, was located in streets of that settlement and they are assured him 5 lots of glass and a same number of windings with marijuana.
The young man ran to see the police officers, but near the place they intercepted it and they stopped. Detention room
In the Municipal police reported that elements of that Corporation put in preventive custody a young, which secured 13 lots of Marriagewaresbangles preventive agents carried out an operation to prevent crimes in the eastern sector of the city, and to the circular by one of the streets of La Joya fractionation observed a subject, which ran and threw something on the ground. Police pursued him and reached it near the place. To review what we pulled realized it was from 13 parts of the drug known as Crystal. The individual was identified as Mauro Amador b., residing at the Colonia La Joya. Fifth arrested
Municipal police officers also arrested another person who supposedly brought drug.
He is Jesús Mateo N., with domicile in the century Cologne police agents 21.Los circulated last weekend by streets of Colonia Las cherries when they detected the driver of a vehicle brand Nissan, circulating speeding. Police marked him high but it ignored, so it started a Chase.
The subject failed to evade the Municipal police officers, which managed to give scope later. Said the neighbor of the 21st century colony that get off the vehicle and proceeded to review it.
Supposedly Jesús Matthew found you a cardboard box for matches containing inside five polyethylene wrap and inside dope glass. Preventive agents proceeded to the arrest of Matthew Jesús and the vehicle driving, which was only reported that is of the Nissan brand, is also assured and more details of its features did not. Before the MP
Five individuals arrested with drugs were subsequently transferred to unit of agents of the Ministry public the jurisdiction common criminal specializing in crimes of retailing of the Vicefiscalia Regional area north, along with evidence that supposedly were found during the operations carried out last weekend in the area east of the city.

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