translated from Spanish: Lima group requests the Venezuelan army to express loyalty to Juan Guaidó

The Lima group requested to respect the life of the Member s of the National Assembly (AN) of Venezuela after the attempt Tuesday of military uprising, led by the head of the Parliament, Juan Guaidó, at the time that was declared in permanent session and will meet this Friday in Peru.
This day the members of the group, Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Honduras, Panama, Paraguay, Peru and Venezuela held a meeting via phone to talk about the recent events in Venezuela.
The Agency demanded in a joint statement, read by the Colombian Chancellor, Carlos Holmes Trujillo, «full respect for the life, integrity and freedom of all Venezuelans, and in particular all members of the National Assembly and all the leaders of the democratic political forces Venezuelan, as well as the immediate release of the political prisoners».
On the other hand, they reiterated their call to the national armed forces of Venezuela to express loyalty to the opposition leader, Juan Guaidó, «in its constitutional role as Commander in Chief of the same; and, true to its constitutional mandate to be the exclusive service of the nation, not of a person, cease to serve as instruments of the illegitimate regime to the oppression of the Venezuelan people and the systematic violation of their human rights».
In relation to recent clashes between forces of security of Maduro and adherents of guided – which are estimated have left more than 50 wounded – the Lima group blamed directly to «armed and bodies of intelligence to the service of his regime illegitimate by the indiscriminate use of violence to suppress the democratic transition process and the restoration of the rule of law in Venezuela».
They finally explained that from now on they will be in permanent session, and will meet on Friday, may 3, in the city of Lima, Peru.

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