translated from Spanish: Luciana Salazar: “I have two jobs because one does not reach me”

Luciana Salazar acknowledged how impacts it the economic and political situation of the country and mentioned that we need two jobs to pay their taxes and feed themselves. “I don’t think there is a person today who is passing it well,” said. In dialogue with plain, within the framework of the homonymous program that leads by Net Tv, Salazar made mention of his recent tweet, in which denounced an operation against the amount of fines that were charged to you.

Luciana Salazar | Photo: Instagram @salazarluli

“Same methods!” If you say or you quejás the situation in the country, not only you sent the trolls to kill you in networks, but bring you to light infringements or you instruct the afip. They copied the same methods of persecution than the Government previous or worse,”said Salazar in networks.” I think that the news of my fines was intentional,”told to plain. “If we start to seize all patents I believe that none is saved. Now, why they grabbed me right when I told some of the country’s situation. “Are actually the same methods of the previous Government, when I was a bride of an opponent: felt that the Argentinian sent me all the time, strange things”, mentioned.

Twitter Luciana Salazar

Act followed, Salazar referred to the country’s economic crisis: “all it affects us from somewhere and that is not to say that one can complain.” Obviously you will always have someone that is going to go worse than one”.
“I’m grateful to have two works because with one I can’t, I don’t, I just came to pay my taxes, I must have another to live,” said.

Recall that Salazar is host of Chismoses and also participates once more of the dancing, that this year celebrates thirty years of Marcelo Tinelli on television.

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