translated from Spanish: Ministry of women and gender equity signs agreement to increase female labour participation

The Ministry of women and gender equality signed a collaboration agreement with the Spanish official Chamber a trade in Chile, with the aim of establishing alliances work to promote to the interior of the associated companies, the equality of rights and opportunities between women and men. 
The commitments set out in the Convention aim to increase female labour participation, reduce the gender wage gap and promote the presence of women in positions of high responsibility. 
During the ceremony, the Minister of women and gender equality, Isabel Plá, welcomed the interest of the Chamber to move forward in equal rights for all, and declared that currently “have a very important challenge as a country, here and now, not in 50 years” “, that the Government of President Sebastián Piñera, gender equity is at the heart of its priorities”.
Also noted that “women are facing very important gaps, not only to join the world of work, but also wage gaps and difficulties to be graded and evaluated with equal conditions and opportunities”.
The signing of the agreement was attended by 42 Member companies of the Chamber, representing more than 47,000 jobs, which have acceded to work collaboratively in this process.
The Ambassador of Spain in Chile, Enrique Ojeda Vila, said that “this event is representative of what the Spanish private sector in Chile is doing for the strengthening of Chilean society and we should support the modernization through equality and the” gender equity”.
For his part, the President of the Chamber official Spanish of Chile, Carlos Molina, said prior to the signing of the agreement that “the camera represents an important point of investment, not only in money but by their presence in different sectors of the economy. Today we celebrate a strategic alliance and want to get involved”.
At the end of the ceremony, Minister Pla extended the call to all private sector to transform this example “into concrete actions so that we can move forward on the full incorporation of women to the economy, society and in each of the spaces where his” participation has been laggard until today”.

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