translated from Spanish: National Guard will have new confidence control scheme

The Ministry of security and protection (SSPC) announced the creation of a new scheme of evaluation of Control confidence-specific elements of the National Guard.
Without giving details of how the new scheme applies Alfonso Durazo, Secretary for security, said that it was prepared to «serving the particular profile of the evaluated and without losing the methodological rigour of the evaluation process».
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In a statement, the SSPC explained that the aforementioned scheme applies in coordination with the Secretaries of national defense and Navy.
Due to the «challenge the formation of the National Guard for assessment centers care capabilities», the SSPC explained that the Standing Commission on certification and accreditation from the National Council of public security agreed to extend a year the validity of assessments of control confidence of members of the institutions of public security, is due within the next twelve months.
This year will prioritize that confidence control evaluations shall be applied to the members of the National Guard.
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The Standing Committee urged the Governors of the States for state assessment centers support the application of tests members of this new police force.
The National Guard, constitutionally-approved began operations March 26 in municipalities of Veracruz, Oaxaca, Baja California and Quintana Roo, while you do not have the three complementary laws necessary to put up.
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Three outstanding complementary laws are the law of National Guard, the use of force and arrests log.
In addition, the federal Government has not detailed what training would have taught the military transferred to the National Guard so that they comply with the profile of civilian police.
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