translated from Spanish: «Operation freedom»: the new failed bid of Juan Guaidó to unseat Nicolas Maduro

As «Operation freedom» of Leopoldo López was baptized Ironically on social networks the new attempt of the Venezuelan opposition against the regime of Nicolas Maduro, realizing as well of a new failure of the antichavismo in an effort to oust the current Government in Venezuela.
Ultimately, all that remained of the surprise day of April 30, led by President Manager Juan Guaidó was welcoming the opposition leader Leopoldo López – who was kept under house arrest at the Chilean embassy in Caracas next to your spouse Lilian Tintori and their daughter as a «guest», as clarified the Chilean Foreign Minister Roberto Ampuero, although later information, met through the same Minister of Foreign Affairs, that Lopez and his family had changed their «residence» being hosted by the Embassy of Spain. They will be in that condition for an undetermined time, and apparently have no plans to move from the Chilean diplomatic legation with destination to our country, because «they have not asked asylum,» said the head of national diplomacy.
According to Ampuero, receive the political Godfather of guided and his family is conduct «is in clear line of Chilean foreign policy, inspired by the humanitarian», detailing that it is a «very clear signal of Chile’s commitment to the defense of democracy «, human rights and the support of Chile Venezuelan Democrats».
As well as the output chosen by Lopez, a group of 25 soldiers who took part in the attempt which had as its epicenter of La Carlota air base, took refuge in the Brazilian Embassy in the Venezuelan capital.
Meanwhile, guided disappeared from the radar is with unknown whereabouts and during the evening they ran several rumors that gave him as a guest at the embassies of France or Brazil, and even in Chile, after a day of tension that left at least 69 her as balance gone in the Venezuelan capital.
While Nicolas Maduro avoided displayed in public during the day, took the main spokesperson of chavism Diosdado Cabello, President of the National Constituent Assembly of Venezuela, who gave the move led by guided by failed.
«Opposition Lords: fly, lure them with dates and names, spoke them of operation freedom, that thing more sublime: freedom, but hid them it was only the freedom of the murderous fascist Leopoldo López, that penalty, we shall overcome!» wrote on Twitter.
«The uprising has failed»
From Chile, to analyze the outcome of the Conference, former Foreign Minister Heraldo Munoz said that everything was a failure for the opposition. «Leopoldo López and Embassy of Chile family income means that guided and Lopez-led uprising has failed. Social mobilization for democracy can continue, but loses breath. Here were played predicate letters which did not aim at political negotiation», said Muñoz through his Twitter account.
Hours before also had tweeted, ensuring that «it seems to be definitive time for guided. Military revolt leads to street mobilization. The mature regime will seek to suppress any hint of rebellion, or appear weak. Despite the fact that space for a political negotiation is narrow, there to advocate for peaceful solution».
In international media, such as Bloomberg, the reading was similar: «guided bet fails: Maduro continues military support», says the head of its analysis, which assumes that the move of the President in charge «was a ploy that, since its inception, had a remote possibility».
The report continues stating «all day there was a chimeric quality in the determination of the opposition, not dissimilar to the January announcement of guided that would take the reins of Government. He has appointed ambassadors and officials and has been recognized by more than 50 countries. Without the power of the military, his presidency has been a purely symbolic act. There is no doubt that throughout the country, and within its bureaucracy ruler, there is deep discontent with mature and broad support to a transition. Guided and his advisors believed that by declaring an uprising they might be able to create it».
Now, questions abound. «While it is likely to not be a fatal blow for guided and his three-month effort to overthrow Maduro, indeed it was the gravest setback so far. And crucial issues were raised: Maduro will use this time to fulfill his long threat to imprison guided at once for all? If does it, how to respond United States, leader de facto of an international coalition that backs to guided as the legitimate leader of Venezuela? «, completes the analysis of the international agency.

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