translated from Spanish: Pinera changed discourse of China and supports rising in Venezuela: «the dictatorship of Maduro must end by peaceful force»

Sebastián Piñera arrived this morning in La Moneda after your trip Asia, and immediately went to La Moneda to lead a meeting with his political Committee and director of the Secom to analyze the situation in Venezuela, where this morning the self-proclaimed President encargado Juan Guaidó launched the start of «Operation freedom» with a lift at the base aerea La Carlota in Caracas against the regime of Nicolas Maduro.
Arriving at La Moneda, Pinera did not make statements. There journalists waiting for him that they asked for a reaction to what is happening in Venezuela, but the President chose not to comment on the situation. But Pinera Yes addressed Venezuela in a Tweet where reiterated its «full support» for guided and asked to «end the dictatorship of ripe».
«We reiterate total Ntro support Pdte Guaido and democracy in Venezuela.» Maduro dictatorship must end by the peacetime strength, ydentro of the Constitution, of the Venezuelan people. Thus return to freedom, democracy, human rights and progress in #Venezuela», wrote the President text on Twitter.
The position of Pinera again contrasts with stated a few days ago in Asia, when it defended the Chinese regime by pointing out that each country has the right to have the political regime wishing.
The tweet of the President supporting the mutiny of guided is also harder than the initial reaction from the Foreign Ministry, that it issued a Tweet where was taken with caution situation in Venezuela.
Avoiding giving a statement to the rebellion led by self-proclaimed President encargado Juan Guaidó in Venezuela, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Chilean reported that «we are following closely developments» and also «coordinate with Group of Lima steps to follow».
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs reported that «through our diplomatic mission in Caracas, has been activated contingency plan instructing our officers and advising people to take appropriate safeguards».
In Venezuela there is a maximum voltage then that a group of soldiers barricaded at the base of La Carlota, in the East of Caracas, led by Juan Guaidó and Leopoldo López, who left the house arrest. «The permanent cessation of the infringement started today,» said guided, kicking off «Operation freedom».
Since the Government of Maduro, communication Minister Jorge Rodríguez, reported that the Government of Nicolás Maduro is «confronting and disabling» a plan coup of a «small group of traitors military personnel», in reference to the statement made by the opposition leader.

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