translated from Spanish: The woman was thrown several meters after the impact of a car

Guamúchil: at about 20:15 o’clock, movement of patrols at the junction of avenida Benito Juarez and December 22nd Street, where there was also a crowd, ones who had witnessed the fact and others looking to find out what could be observed was whether gone; While, agents transit Municipal it is responsible for controlling vehicular flow and collect relevant information, while some people protégées a woman who lay lying on the floor with a large wound on the head product of the impact. Said, the affected, of the name Sarahi “n”, moving South to North by the avenida Juárez normally aboard a motorcycle brand Italika, Navy Blue with black, without circulation plates and, according to some witnesses had put the helmet; While by the December 22 Street, where was a car brand Dodge, Stratus line, grey, with registration VMF9204, which, apparently not realized the motorcycle and did not carry out the required height, so it ended up ramming the fragile unity tra s which, vehicle and crew came out strongly driven by about 10 meters, while the car ended without the front fender.

After the clumsy mishap, the motorcyclist was with a significant wound on the head, as well as scratches on the legs and arms, being aided by some people who were there as the ambulance of the Red Cross, including a young man who passed was by the place offered first aid to carry in your vehicle you need. Moments later became Civil defence personnel and rescue workers from the Red Cross, who stabilized her and climbed it to the ambulance to move it to General Hospital where would be adequate because of the loud bang and wound care presenting in the head.

Original source in Spanish

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