translated from Spanish: Those who fail to comply may 1 holiday risk fines of up to $3 million

Deputy Minister of labour, Fernando Arab, and the director of labour, Mauricio Peñaloza, alongside the Metropolitan Seremi, Paola Vidal, reported on the hours of operation of the trade during the compulsory and indispensable holiday of 1 ° of “May, pointing out that companies that fail to comply with the rules are exposed to fines ranging from 242 thousand weights almost 3 million pesos.” Our goal is that 100% compliance with the law, the fines go down; so it is very important this type of campaign because we want workers to uphold their rights and employers comply with the rules, especially on a day as special as may 1″, said under Secretary Arab.En this sense, reported that workers in the trade will have to be outside their place of work later than 21:00 of Tuesday 30 April and until 06:00 Thursday, may 2.” If they are workers working during this period, the Directorate of labour must stop and take the corresponding fine. “Failure is the norm, enterprises are exposed to violations ranging from 242 thousand dollars to almost 3 billion pesos”, explained Arab.En the case of trade that keep workers working after 21 hours of Tuesday 30 April and until 06:00 of the day Thursday, may 2 (except that dependents work in rotating shifts) fines ranging from 10 UTM ($485.950) to 60 UTM ($2.915.700) by company. In case of not granting this holiday compulsory and indispensable, infractions will be sanctioned with fines ranging from the 5 UTM ($242.975 for the month of may 2019) to 20 UTM ($971.900) for each worker affected by the infringement, whereas the number of the company’s total employees. It is important to note that business premises attended by its owners and/or immediate family members can be open, since there is no employment relationship in this case. The exception applies to those employees who work in rotating shifts, case in which they could provide services between 21:00 and 00: 00 April 30 or between 00: 00 and 06:00 on 2 May. They are considered as workers of trade all those who work in an establishment of such nature and whose work related to the dispensing or direct sale to the public of the goods or products offered therein. Excepted from the indispensable holiday workers of trade in: clubs and restaurants; establishments of entertainment, such as movie theaters, entertainment live, nightclubs, pub, cabaret, commercial premises in public civil aerodromes and airports, casinos games and other licensed games places; and dispensing of fuel, emergency pharmacies and pharmacies that must meet shifts set by the health authority. They must also work the dependents of the so-called “convenience store” attached to the gas stations if they sell food prepared there same. For compliance with the rules, the Labour Directorate reported that they carried out more than 130 audits and will also receive complaints via the web at

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