translated from Spanish: Venezuela: Campaign so dogs of emigrants gather with their owners

In addition to the drama that families who decide to leave Venezuela to settle in another country, that adds that many of them do not have the possibility of moving in with their pets and must leave them in his native country. To save distances and sadness was born the initiative YoHiceFelizAUnPerro! created by a team of the platform and which aims to reunite dogs with their owners in their current residential country.

«Thousands of Venezuelans have had to escape from their country, no choice but to separate from their dogs take them with you is impossible to pay cost. If you have a dog and splits you heart to see it in the eyes and imagine yours away, you are one of us», recorded in his promotional video campaign. what makes this team? It is responsible for the costs of travel, permissions and vaccines from the donations that you receive; all, so dogs reunite with their families. As for the Group leading this project forward, defined as «animal lovers» and arise from web site mentioned above that works as a search engine of walkers and caretakers of confidence. On their targets are 100% transparent: «what do we do? We want to get the greatest number of dogs of Venezuela to reunite with their loved ones overseas.» The operation will last 40 days and will begin when raised the necessary funds to move the animals. Of «all the permissions process, vaccines and riding dogs on the plane» dealt «a few allies» of the drivers that are in Venezuela, while they gather the money. There are two ways to help: in particular, you can add your contribution through this link, but if you’re a company you can join you as a sponsor. For questions, you can call

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